Avast VPN For Torrenting

Known for its antivirus software program, Avast has become also giving a VPN service. Avast SecureLine is definitely an easy-to-use VPN support that allows users to browse the online world privately and securely.

The Fast Hardware Speeds Generate it a great Torrenting VPN

When it comes to torrenting, you want a dependable connection that can cope with all of your downloads available. Luckily, Avast SecureLine possesses a good profile of servers. These are fast enough to allow you to stream US Netflix and UK’s BBC iPlayer without any concerns.

Avast Will do a Great Job Encrypting Traffic

Avast SecureLine uses IPSec and OpenVPN with AES 256-bit encryption ciphers, which are the regular in VPN security nowadays. Its network has 148 high-performance servers spread across 94 countries.

It Supports P2P Peer to peer and Torrenting

Avast VPN supports P2P file sharing and torrenting, with 8 dedicated P2P-optimized computers. These hosting space allow you to connect with other Avast users to share and download data files, which bitcon convert is a good feature.

Yet , Avast’s interconnection logs are not as privacy-friendly as you might believe. The software collects timestamps and the volume of data transferred from every single user designed for up to thirty five days. This information could be utilized to identify you if you use bittorrent.

If you’re searching for a safe and VPN service to use with all your torrenting activities, there are better options out there. You’ll receive much faster rates of speed and better privacy with a truly logless hosting company like Non-public Internet Access rather.

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